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"Great place. I highly recommend. They're safe and know what they're doing. If they dont think a piercing is safe for you they genuinely wont do the piercing. Sounds bad but I see the benefit in comparison to other piercing studios that would just do the piercing just to take your money. Go to studio 69. THEY'RE GREAT!"

- Latifah Brimah

"Always come here for piercings, wouldn't go anywhere else now. Always really friendly and professional, always clean too. Also had a tattoo done here. Everyone's passionate about what they do. Can't recommend this place enough!"

- Faith Cooper

"I had two piercings here today at Studio 69, a forward helix and helix and what an amazing experience it was! Staff are super friendly and make you feel very at ease and welcomed. Excellent Covid-19 procedures in place and the shop was immaculately clean. All of the ear/body jewellery pieces are really stunning and they have a great selection to choose from. The piercing experience was second to none and the lovely lady who pierced me was extremely professional and kind; she really knew her stuff and made me feel really calm and relaxed. I was really impressed with the service and fantastic piercings I received and I would most definitely recommend! I will be back for more! Thank you so much Studio 69 xx"

-Becky Brower