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No Pull Disc for getting rid of bumps.

Discs sold individually.

Comes either 5mm or 7mm depending on the size of the lump.

Bump on one side - wear the disc on that side or both

if it’s more comfortable.

Bump on both sides - you need a disc both sides at the same time

for it to work.

Always wear with a straight or curved barbell (no hoops). Clean the disc before before use with soap.

You can apply to disc yourself with clean hands. Or come into the studio for us to put them of for you.

Nostril piercings require a stud with a flat back (L-shade or nostril screws won't work).

The Disc must sit gently and directly on the lump, if it feels tight, remove the disc until you can get a longer bar to accommodate the disc.

As the lump reduces, you may need to add another disc to keep the pressure applied. Patience is needed, wear until lumps are fully gone before removing.

Approximately 3-4 weeks.